NICETIE - A new interpretation of the cowgirls' and boys' triangular scarf

NICETIE - A new interpretation of the cowgirls' and boys' triangular scarf

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Which scarves are generally available on the market?
Either the long standard version (often not usable for sports because it is very complicated and annoying), or so-called "buffs" which are wrapped around the neck in a "ring" shape. The latter has the disadvantage that - in order not to get any pressure on the neck - you have to open the zipper of the jacket slightly. And there the well-known problem arises: It pulls into the jacket and you freeze.

The solution? The NICETIE from NICE Horse Fashion! Our current new development offers the following advantages:

You can simply wrap it around your neck and thus determine the wearing comfort individually
Due to its shape no covering of the hairstyle (hat, helmet, etc.) is necessary
Sewn-in magnets at the respective ends provide a stable hold and individual adjustability
The triangular shape ensures that everything remains windproof when the jacket is slightly open. Even the cowboys knew this back then and often wore triangular scarves as protection
A stylish accessory as a fashionable addition to your winter outfit!

We will make sure that you freeze less! You will love it :)

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